Angepinnt Neue Tutorials für EDIUS 6

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    • Neue Tutorials für EDIUS 6

      Für Leute, die sich weiter einarbeiten wollen:

      Die Reihe wird fortgesetzt:
      The six-part series covers the following topics:

      * Using the new Mask Filter: June 23
      * Super-streamlined HD Field Production with Proxy Mode (including seamless switching between Proxy and Full-res editing modes): July 7
      * Efficient multi-camera editing with EDIUS: July 21
      * Syncing DSLR Video and Audio with the PluralEyes plug-in: August 4
      * Creative editing with Custom Filter Presets & Nested Sequences: August 18
      * Using the ISP ROBUSKEY Keyer to create stellar keys: September 1