Angepinnt native m2t Szenentrennung und Proxi Schnitt

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    • Lieber Peter, ich habe das script HDscn@EDL installiert. Alles geht gut bis der letzte schritt. Als ich ImportscnDat anwende entshehen viele doppelte clips in mein Project Media file.
      Weiter kan ich die file Events2SubclipsNUMB nicht finden in das HDscn2EDL.
      Hast du vielleicht einzige hinweisen?
      Vielen Dank, grUesse aus Holland, Raoul
    • Ich habe die Sznenteilung gerade noch mal mit der ß13 - 11.Mai. 2009 -- für Vegas pro 9.0 in Vp10.0c mit ein paar HC1 Files probiert. Es gibt das auch unter Vp10 kein für mich erkennbares Problem.

      Versuch erst mal die HDscn2EDL_ß13.exe auf dein HDV File anzuwenden und lade anschließend die *.EDL.txt. Da sollten die Schnittstellen schon mal stimmen.
    • Hi Peter,
      Ich probiere mahl zu beschreiben was passiert:
      alles klappt, inclusief auf der Timeline schreiben. Aber man kann shon in der Timeline falsche schnittstelle sehen. Als ich dan weiter das letzte script ausfuehre dan springen alle Clips in die Project Media Files box. (die Time line werd geklaert) Aber es entshehen dan viele Clips die kopieen von einander sein oder Clips die ueberlappung haben.
      (TPFKAS (mitglied) und ich probieren das zusammen aus zu suchen. Bei ihm arbeitet es fabelhaft).
      So irgendwie kommen da falsche schnittstelle in mein film. Ich weiss nicht wo das passiert. Im HDVsplit? Oder im HDscn2EDL?
      Weisst du vielleicht wie ich kann ausfinden wo die falsche schnittstelle entstehen?
      Entschuldige fuer mein Deutsch. (English wuerde besser gehen).

      Gruss, Raoul
    • RE: HDscn2EDL

      Original von angevano
      Im HDVsplit? Oder im HDscn2EDL?

      Hi Raoul,

      let's switch to English.

      Normally you should use either Hdscn2EDL or HDVsplit. HDVsplit is splitting the read data stream into separate files, while Hdscn2EDL keeps the file as a large junk and just does a logical split to separate events with the *.EDL.txt import. This way requires to run either the ImportScnDat or an other script that groups the corresponding video- and audioevents.

      Normally there is no other script required to begin cutting. The 'Events2Subclips' is optionally and I normally don't use it.
    • RE: HDscn2EDL

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your reply.
      I have done as follows:
      I have used HDVsplit to capture a one hours video from my Canon HV30 with a windows XP computer and stored it on a so called Media Player (EM7080). In this way I created a 12.5 Gb long file (one file only). Therafter I have copied this file to a Windows 7 laptop. This long file (m2t) is used by me under the HDscn2EDL script to make the so called DAT file (text) and the EDL file. (and the CAP file). Thereafter I started Vegas Pro 10 and I imported the one hour file and the EDL file into the Vegas program. So far so good. The whole m2t file indeed appears on the Timeline. (However one can see already that some Clips do have cuts in the middle where one would not expect any cuts). After applying the Importscndat script, the Timeline is cleared and the Project Media box is filled with all the clips. However some clips are copied a fourfold. Each with some different starting frame. It looks like somewhere in this process spontaneous cuts are introduced in the clips.
      This is very strange. At my friends place this process runs without failure. Wednesday evening we are going to test the process by interchanging tapes and cameras and files. I will keep you updated of our investigations.
      Kind regards, Raoul
    • RE: HDscn2EDL

      Original von angevano
      Thereafter I started Vegas Pro 10 and I imported the one hour file and the EDL file into the Vegas program.

      You just need to import the *.EDL.txt. If you import any file before, this will be cleared by the EDL-import.

      If there are additionoal 'cuts' after importing the EDL they might be caused by dropouts on the tape.

      The script 'ImportScnDat' does not clear the timeline. I suggest that you take another shorter part of your tape and first try to make it work with this short pice.
    • RE: HDscn2EDL

      Hi Peter,
      Just want to inform you that all the failures we got were due to gaps in the timeline on my videocamera tape (Canon HV30). On one of my tapes the time runs from zero to some five minutes. Than it starts counting at zero again till some thirty minutes till the middle of the tape and then (due to some recording method mistakes) starts again at another zero at the middle of the tape till some thirty minutes at the end of the tape. This causes a lot of faulty (false) cuts after applying HDscn2EDL.
      Do you possibly know a procedure to repair these time line gaps on the tape?
      (I understood that some people prepare their tapes by firstly making a total (black) recording on their tape to create a continuous time line.)
      Thanks, kind regards, Raoul