Blurayplayer & Regionen ??

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    • Gab es nicht die Möglichkeit die Region dreimal zu wechseln bis sie dauerhaft eingefroren wird? Vielleicht gilt das auch bei manchen Wiedergabegeräten.
      vg Ian
    • da kam aber jedes Mal der Hinweis ".... Sie wechseln die Regionseinstellung ..... // .... Sie können noch x Mal die Region wechseln bevor ...." und man hatte die Gelegenheit die Wiedergabe ab zu brechen und die Region nicht zu wechseln. Oft genutzte Möglichkeit damals: 2 Player. Oder auf NTSC-Wiedergabe verzichten ....

      Ich glaube nicht dass das Teil einfach ungefragt wechselt und bei Gelegenheit meldet: "sorry, kein Regionswechsel mehr möglich" und dann ausgerechnet auf dem Falschen einfriert. Was sagt denn das WWW zur Firmware und dem Gerätetyp bezüglich Regionserkennung?
    • Da es ja in zwei Playern bei dir ist, kann ich nur vermuten, das es, da ja eher ein Sparten Film, evtl. einfach wirklich Region Free ist.
      Ich würd den in einem weiteren Player testen, und wenn da der Film nicht abspielt...hast 2 Player, die Region Free sind.. ;)

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      4.0 out of 5 stars
      Cinerama Blu-ray, 7 Feb. 2014

      David Welford (Essex England) - See all my reviews

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      This review is from: Cinerama Holiday [Blu-ray] [1955] [US Import] (Blu-ray)

      A friend was very keen to see once again
      ‘Cinerama Holiday’ which was the second of the original, 3-panel
      Cinerama travelogues, released in 1955. We agreed we would share the
      cost of approximately £25 for the dual disc package. I would keep the
      Blu-ray and he the DVD. The film is a parallel documentary that follows a
      Swiss couple on their first holiday to America, landing in Kansas; and
      an all American couple from Kansas who take the return flight to
      Switzerland for a European holiday. Betty and John Marsh visit St
      Moritz, the fabulous Swiss Ski resort; there are plenty of superb
      panoramic views and perhaps the highlight of the film, a ride on St
      Moritz’s bob sleigh run, which to my mind is equally spectacular to that
      the roller coaster- ride in ‘This is Cinerama’. They move on to Davos
      to experience the thrills of skiing and discover the joy of singing and
      “fondue” in a Swiss tavern! Can you imagine what a severe culture shock
      to the Americans when they discover that the Swiss don’t provide bottles
      of Ketchup with meals! Meanwhile, Fred and Beatrice Troller visit Las
      Vegas and then onto Arizona, famous for the westerns filmed there. In
      San Francisco, Fred and Beatrice appreciate how different America is to
      Switzerland, and then head east by train to New Orleans and the
      experience the home of Jazz!

      In the second half Betty and John
      travel to Paris, where they meet real French people and visit some of
      the city's most famous sights. Meanwhile Fred and Beatrice visit
      Washington and from their travels take them onto New York. The finale of
      the film comes when the couples meet and swap stories of their travels
      and watch a spectacular air show, over and around an American Aircraft

      This parallel travelogue works really well, though
      rather biased towards America. Unlike’ Windjammer’ and ‘This is
      Cinerama’ there are no overlong sequences and you are not left with a
      feeling that the film is too long! The picture quality is mostly fairly
      good for a film that was made nearly sixty years ago, though no where
      near as good as ‘How The West Was Won’. There is still an issue on the
      panel joins most noticeably in bland blue-sky scenes; one somehow
      imagines these could have been eliminated on the computer. On the
      extras, we see the famous film critic Leonard Maltin introducing a
      digital screening of this restoration in the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood
      2013, at which Betty Marsh and Beatrice Troller were present (sadly
      their husbands were dead). Of this restoration, he commented that he
      thought still seeing the panel joins was part of the charm! Particular
      good was Return to Cinerama (22 min), which included a recent video
      interview with Betty Marsh York and Beatrice Troller talking about their
      memories of the film, interlaced with plenty of clips from the film.
      The other extras and behind the scenes stories are well worthwhile
      watching, there is even some 8mm Home Movie footage. Also a
      documentary, on how the restoration and reconstruction of the film from
      the original negatives, which were in a poor state was achieved. This is
      another one of those discs where the extras are almost better than the
      film! You also get a 28-page reproduction of the original programme.
      Most important of all is that it is a Region-Free release. This film
      looked fine projected on my 8ft wide screen and if you sat close the
      smilebox presentation gives the illusion of Cinerama in your own lounge.
      Expensive, but a really good souvenir and undoubtedly the best of the
      Cinerama titles I have seen from Flicker Alley.

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    • Ich denke, der verscherbelt so viel...deshalb nach Europa immer der Hinweis..oder eben weil es drauf stand.. ;)

      Ich bin arm, habe nur die beiden BD Player..

      lol...manche haben nicht mal einen.. du armer... :streichel: