VisTitle 2.7 Full Installer ist verfügbar

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    • VisTitle 2.7 Full Installer ist verfügbar

      VisTitle 2.7 Full installer

      VisTitle schrieb:

      VisTitle 2.7 Full InstallerAuthor:  Origin:  Date: 2018-1-2  ClickTimes: 29

      New Features

      1) Optimize automatic selection of graphics card in order to improve the efficiency of rendering.

      Fixed issues

      1) Fix the small font and layout disorder issue of software user interface on high-resolution screens.
      2) Fix the big delay problem of subtitle tapping in Avid Media Composer 8.1 or above version.
      3) Fix the issue of system crash while entering into EDIUS subtitle editing dialogue in seldom cases.
      4) Fix the issue of SRT file exported incorrectly while editing subtitles in NLE system in seldom cases.

      Hans aus der Gruft heraus... :wink2:
      1950X 16 cores/32 threads; X399 Taichi; PCIe-M.2 960 PRO 512GB: 32GB DDR4-3600; RX 580 8GB;